Scent Free Hunting Tips | How to Remove Scent from Hunting Clothes

Why Have Scent Free Hunting Clothing and Gear

Deer, coyotes, hogs, as well as all other animals in the wild have a great sense of smell. A deer's sense of smell is about 10,000 times greater than ours. Deer can also differentiate several different smells at the same time. We may smell a hamburger, but the deer will smell all of its parts: bread, meat, ketchup, mustard, cheese, and so on. It's not possible to eliminate 100% of our scent and using cover scents won't totally mask your stank. The deer can smell right through it. But every effort should be taken to reduce the amount of scent on us when hunting.

How To Get Hunting Clothes Scent Free

The Washing

Things you will need: scent free laundry detergent like Scent Killer or Dead Down Wind, hunting clothes, travel clothes, towel, and airtight storage containers or bags.

Before I wash my clothes, I run the washing machine with scent free detergent but without any clothes. This will remove any residual laundry detergent and its flower or mountain breeze scent. Next, I wash my travel clothes, which include pants, shirt, socks, underwear, and a towel, with the scent free detergent. I usually drive several hours to my hunting places and I dont want my hunting clothes to absorb any odor from my truck or the diner I may stop by on the way. After I wash the travel clothes, I will wash my hunting gear in the scent free detergent. Don't forget to wash a set of socks and underwear for your hunting clothes. Also wash any hats or masks you may want to wear. I don't wash my boots, but i do let them air out for a few days and spray them with scent killing spray. After they dry I will place them in the airtight bag with the rest of the hunting clothes.

The Drying

I then hang both sets of clothes outside to dry. Remeber, the clothes will absorb any odors they are around. If you hang the clothes inside the house or the garage, they will smell like it. After the clothes are dry, I spray the hunting clothes with scent killing spray and let them dry again. I then place both sets of clothes in seperate airtight bags.

Gameday Prep

The Shower

Now its time to go hunting. I take a shower with scent free soap and shampoo. Remember the towel that was washed with the travel clothes a few paragraphs above? After showering with scent free soap, it wouldn't make sense to dry off with a towel that smells like tropical flowers. I use the scent free towel to dry off and then apply scent free deodorant. Next, I put on the travel clothes and hit the road.

In The Field

I arrive at the hunting ranch as scent free as possible and dont have to worry about my hunting clothes absorbing any foul odors from my truck during the drive. I then remove all travel clothes and get changed into my hunting clothes and boots that have been kept in the airtight bag. Finally, I spray on another layer of scent killer spay on my clothes and boots before walking to the stand.

Scent Free Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you work through the task of getting scent free as possible. It won't get you to be 100% scent free, but this method goes a long way to keep you undetected by deer and other animals.

Call It + Kill It -but don't let them smell you when they're coming-