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Let The Deer Come To You

When it comes to deer hunting there are several different ways of getting a deer from still hunting and stand hunting to deer drives and so on. But the most effective way of deer hunting is to make the deer come to you. This is accomplished with game calls that imitate the sound that deer normally make in their everyday lives. And unlike popular opinion, not all the sounds made by deer are grunts to challenge dominance in a territory. There are other sounds made by bucks and does that are not challenging in nature. Pocket Call Game Calls currently manufactures 4 deer calls that will bring the deer to you no matter what part of the rut you are hunting in.

The Sounds of Deer

Using a Deer Grunt or Hands Free Deer Grunt to call in a buck

Buck Grunt

The most common deer call is the grunt, or sometimes know as the buck grunt. This call produces a low, soft grunt of a dominant buck in an area. Bucks are territorial and by using a grunt call you are announcing the presence of a challenger in that particular area. This call is best used when aggression is beginning to rise among the bucks in the pre rut phase. Use this call until the end of the pre rut phase.

Tending Grunt

This sound is made as the buck trails a doe and is a way of asking the doe to stop so they can breed. Make a series of 10-15 short grunts with your deer grunt call to mimic the tending grunt.

How to use a Doe Bleat or Doe in Estrus Call

Doe Estrus Bleat

This a nonaggressive call made by does when they are in heat. This sound is made by the does to tell the bucks that breeding time is near. This sound is best used at the end of the pre rut through the first half of the rut phase. The call can then be used again at the beginning of the post rut and the time of the 2nd rut. The doe estrus bleat has a louder sound than the doe bleat and can be blown 3-4 times with short pauses in between.

Doe Bleat

This sound made by a doe is used to keep the family together. The doe bleat is a soft sound made by blowing the call 1-3 times with a short pause in between.

How to use a Fawn Bleat Call

Fawn Bleat

This a sound made by fawn that are lost or in danger. This call plays on the maternal instinct of the does. Does will instinctively run to this sound even if it is not their own fawn. This is a great call to use early and late in the season when mating type calls are not as effective.

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