Squirrel Call

Our squirrel calls are easy to use and a great way to locate those shy squirrels that are hiding in the trees. Use these calls to mimic the social sounds squirrels make. By making these sounds, squirrels are encourage to come out from hiding and reveal their location.

Squirrel Call

This call has a double reed design that produces the bark and chatter of squirrel. One of the easiest calls to use.



Place the end of the call between the thumb and index finger. Hold the call to your mouth and blow. You can close or open your hand to change the pitch of the call.

Bark: Blow 2 puffs for 2 seconds each. Wait and repeat after 30 seconds.

Chatter: Blow 8-10 fast puffs for less than 1 second each. Repeat every 30 seconds.

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