Mouse Squeal Predator Call (Close Range)

Mouse Squeal Predator Call

The Mouse Squeal predator call is a close range game call that produces the high pitched scream of rodents to lure the predator in for a closer shot. Use this call for all types of predators including coyote, fox, and bobcat. This call is a rubber bulb and is small enough to fit in the hunter's shirt pocket.



Squeeze the call to produce the high pitched squeal of small rodents. Make 3-5 fast squeezes of the call to mimic the sound of little mice. Repeat as needed until the predator is as close as you want him.

The Mouse Squeal is best used to lure the predator in closer after the Jackrabbit and Cottontail have been used to start the predator your way.

This call is also useful when the predator begins to circle around your location. The Mouse Squeal will lure him in for a closer shot.

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