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Pocket Call's predator hunting calls produce the true distress sounds of injured jackrabbit, cottontail, and small rodents. Our predator calls are closed reed systems and manufactured with long, medium, and close range voices for accurate predator calling in any condition or terrain. These predator calls are made with the finest material available to ensure years of use and abuse. Use these predator calls for bobcat, coyote, wolf, and any other predator that responds to the distress sound of injured game.

3N1 Jackrabbit-Cottontail-Coaxer Predator Call

3N1 Jackrabbit-Cottonail-Coaxer

3 distress reeds in 1 call body. This is our most popular predator call for over 20 years. With just the twist of the mouthpiece, you have access to the jackrabbit (long range), cottontail (medium range), and coaxer (short range) sounds needed for successful predator calling.


Jackrabbit Predator Call (Long Range)

Jackrabbit Predator Call

The jackrabbit predator call is a long range game call that produces the low, gravelly scream of a jackrabbit in distress. It can be heard a mile away!


Cottontail Predator Call (Medium Range)

Cottontail Predator Call

The cottontail predator call is medium range game call that produces the high-pitched scream of a cottontail in distress. Very effective in wooded areas.


Coaxer Predator Call (Close Range)

Coaxer Predator Call

The coaxer predator call is a close range game call that produces the high-pitched screams of rodents to lure the predator in for a closer shot. It is also effective at stopping a circling predator.


Hands Free Coaxer Predator Call (Close Range)

Hands Free Coaxer Predator Call

Hands free coaxer predator call that is used to call the predator in for a closer shot. Hands free operation to allow both hands to be on the gun or bow.


Mouse Squeal Predator Call (Close Range)

Mouse Squeal Predator Call

Produces the sound of small rodents and is more subtle than the coaxer calls. Simply squeeze your hand to make soft squeals with this mouse squeal predator call.