Javelina and Hog Call

Pocket Call's javelina and hog calls mimic and injured or trapped pig that is crying for help. Depending on the terrain, these calls can be heard up to 1/2 of a mile away.

Javelina Call

Produces the loud pig type squeal of javelina and hogs. This call mimics an injured or trapped pig and plays on the parental instincts of javelina and hogs.



Place the call between your thumb and index finger. Hold the call to your mouth and blow hard from the diaphragm for 2-3 seconds to produce loud pig-type squeals. Repeat 8-10 times. You can open and close your hands to amplify and control the tone of the sound.

The goal is to mimic the sound of an injured or trapped javelina or hog. For javelina hunting - use this call when a herd is within 100 yards.

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