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monster buck called with pocket call deer grunt

Hello Pocket Call Game Calls, Wanting to share a photo of a nice buck I shot using your deer grunt call. Nothing better. Called him right in. - Norm from Illinois

Pocket Call Game Calls manufactures some unique and amazing deer calls. Why use a deer call? Using deer calls will greatly increase the number of deer seen when hunting. Deer calls can be used during the pre rut, the rut, and the post rut phases of hunting. Different deer calls can be used for different phases of the rut and to target a buck vs a doe.

The Pocket Call deer grunt is only 3 inches long, yet produces the true low, soft grunt of a buck. This is made possible by a special weighted reed that produces a deep resonating sound without the use of a long tube. The reed of the deer grunts will not freeze because the sound is made when you inhale. The deer grunt is also available in a hands free version that features an 8 inch tube and mouthpiece. We also manufacture an easy to use doe bleat that produces the true bleat of a hot doe in estrus. The hands free fawn bleat is a great early season bowhunting deer call. All of these deer calls use a clip to attach to your shirt instead of hanging on a lanyard. These deer calls have been tested and used for over 20 years with great success.

Deer Grunt

Pocket Call Deer Grunt

This deer grunt call is only 3 inches long yet produces the true low, soft grunt of a buck. Use this call for buck grunts and tending grunts. The sound is made when you inhale so the reed will not freeze.


Hands Free Deer Grunt

Hands Free Deer Grunt

Hands free version of the Deer Grunt. Clip this deer grunt to your shirt and inhale softly through the 8 inch flexible tube. A must have for any serious bowhunter. Also useful for rifle hunters who like to keep both hands on their gun while calling.


Doe Bleat

Pocket Call Doe Bleat

Produces the bleat and estrus sounds of a doe. This call is great when used at the end of the pre-rut and at the beginning of the rut, post-rut, and 2nd rut phases.


Hands Free Fawn Bleat

Pocket Call Hands Free Fawn Bleat

Produces the distress bleat of fawn. Great early season bowhunting deer call for hunting does. Clip the fawn bleat to your shirt and blow soft bleats through the 8 inch flexible tube.