Hands Free Fawn Bleat

Hands Free Fawn Bleat

The Hands Free Fawn Bleat produces the distress bleat of fawn. This call can be used to call both does and bucks. When a doe responds to the distress sound of a fawn, a buck may be close by to keep an eye on their ladies. This call works great early in the season and late in the season when the breeding type calls are not as effective.



Clip the barrel of the call to your shirt on the opposite side of bow draw. Using the mouthpiece, blow easy with steady pressure for 2 seconds to produce the sound of a fawn in distress. Wait 2-3 seconds and repeat this call. Only make 3-5 calls within a 20 minute timeframe.

Short, light blows on this call will signal that a fawn is lost. You can also mimic a fawn that is injured or being attacked by making louder and longer blows on the call. Remember to impart feeling into the sound you are creating.

WARNING: Using this call to mimic an injured fawn may attract predators such as bears, coyotes, etc.

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