Hands Free Deer Grunt

Hands Free Deer Grunt

The Hands Free Deer Grunt is a deer call designed especially for the bowhunter. This deer grunt call has a special weighted reed that produces the low, soft grunt of bucks, yet is small enough to fit in your pocket. The sound is made with inhalation so the reed will not freeze. This call has an 8 inch tube so the hunter can keep both hands on the gun or bow.



Clip the barrel of the call to your shirt on the opposite side of bow draw. Using the mouthpiece, inhale softly and for no more than 1 second to produce the most natural sounding grunts.

Buck Grunt - Use this call to challenge the dominant buck in his territory. Make 1 or 2 grunts every 15 minutes. Do not overuse.

Tending Grunt - Make a series of 10-15 short grunts every 15-20 minutes. Also works well to make this series of grunts while moving through leaves and brush.

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