Doe Bleat

Doe Bleat

The Doe Bleat produces the low painful moans of a hot doe in estrus as well as the social bleats used to keep a group of fawns together. This call is great when used at the end of the pre-rut and at the beginning of the rut, post-rut, and 2nd rut. Use this call for doe bleats as well as estrus bleats.



Place the end of the call between your thumb and index finger. Open your hand to amplify the sound, close your hand slowly as you blow to muffle the sound.

To use this call as a doe bleat, make 1-3 soft and short blows on the call. This is a social call used by a doe to keep the family group together.

To mimic a doe in heat, make a series of 3-4 calls lasting 5-10 seconds each. Blow lightly in low, painful moans. Repeat this series every 15 minutes. Do not overuse.

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