Bear Call

Our bear call is a long range distress call that produce the sound of injured prey.

This bear call produces the distress sound of large injured animals such as rabbit or deer. The low tone produced by this game call will entice hungry bears from great distances. Depending on the terrain and conditions, this bear call can be heard up to a mile away.



Place the call between your thumb and index finger. Close your hand over the end of the call and blow hard while opening your hand at the same time to produce loud, terrified screams. Close your hand to muffle the sounds, open your hand to amplify. The goal is to mimic the sounds of an injured or dying animal.

Make a series of 8-10 loud, terrified calls. Wait one minute and repeat. Continue calling for 30 minutes before going to the next location.

Bear calling requires a good set of lungs so give yourself plenty of time to practice before your next bear hunting adventure.

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