About Us

It all began with an idea about how to make a game call that would clip to your pocket rather than hang on a lanyard. Calls on a lanyard can make a lot of noise and get caught on branches when tracking through thick brush. After getting choked by a lanyard a few times, we knew there had to be something better.

So we developed a game call that looked a lot like a pen. It had a metal clip so the call would clip nicely to your pocket and stay there. We also made a wooden version to fit the larger buck grunt reeds.

In 1992, we took first place in the National Calling Contest held in Winfield, KS. It was a great start for our little game call company.

Over the years we wanted to make a game call with the same design features as the original pocket call, but needed something tougher. These game calls now feature an injected nylon body that is so strong, they will not break even if a truck drives over them. Now that's tough.

We enjoy making these fine game calls as much as we enjoy using them. Best of luck on your next hunt and remember our motto: Call It + Kill It